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The Reality Check Ep 7 - Cancerous Cell Phones, Conspiracy Videos, and Ghosts with Rich Taste In this episode we discuss the latest report that cell phones may cause cancer, some online conspiracy videos, and a rich guy in the UK getting scared out of his home by a poltergeist.

Show notes:
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Cell phone controversy:
Global TV's coverage of the study discussed: link
Scientific/skeptical view of cell phones and cancer: link 1 link 2
Studies about cell phones and driving: link 1 (pdf) link 2

Online conspiracy Videos:
Loose Change (9/11 conspiracy video): link
Zeitgeist: link
Ex-truther confession: link

UK Ghost:
Original BBC Story: link
The 'shocking' revelation: link

Logical fallacy of the week:
Affirming the Consequent: link

Science Myth of the Week:
Moon hoax accusations: link
Moon hoax debunking: link
Buzz Aldrin vs. Moon Hoaxer: link
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The Reality Check Ep 6 - The Placebo Effect, Science on TV, and the art of persuasion in Po This week we discuss the placebo effect, science in entertainment and the art of persuasion in politics.

Show notes:

Placebo Effect:
-Steven Novella discusses the placebo effect: link
-Review of Snake Oil Science: link
-Wikipedia entry on the placebo effect: link

Science on TV:
-Fringe's scientific accuracy: link
-House MD's scientific accuracy: link

-Science Debate 2008, 14 Questions: link
-Mccain on the Economy: link
-Haper on Budget Officer: link

Science Myth of the Week:
-Video of Xander balancing eggs: link
-Phil Plait explores the myth: link
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The Reality Check Ep 5 - Alt Med Primer, Aspartame, and Creatine Alternative Medicine Primer
Recommended books:
"Trick or Treatment?" by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst. Review
"Snake Oil Science" by R. Barker Bausell. Review

Recommended Sites:

Aspartame: link (it's multiple pages)

Creatine: link

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The Reality Check Ep 4 - Nutmeg overdosing, psychic fair, and new age ads Nutmeg recipe story:
Blog posting about the Swedish magazine with the typo
A look into the hallucinogenic effects of nutmeg

New Acropolis

Psychic Fair

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