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TRC #69: Santa Claus Origins + Festivus Origins + Snowflake Sameness Jon examines Santa's true origins, Adam covers the true and shocking origins of Festivus, and Darren settles the debate about whether or not two snow flakes are alike.
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TRC #68: Climategate + How To Be An Expert + Hand Sanitizers Darren address the 'climategate' scandal and debunks more AGW myths, Elan discusses what it takes to be an expert, and Jon cleans up confusion surrounding the effectiveness of hand sanitizers.
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Jon talks about Canadian Blood Services and their support of Ketsueki-Gata, Darren explains the reasons why people are not morally consistent, and Elan explains the origin of the fortune cookie.
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TRC #66: Cameron/Comfort's Origin of Species + Music Therapy + Alcohol Kills Brain Cells Myth Adam takes a look at Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's version of Darwin's Origin of Species, Elan finds out if Music Therapy's is in tune, and Darren drowns the myth that alcohol kills brain cells.
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TRC #65: False Pregnancy + Bill 179/Naturopathy Interview + Pschological Treatments for Cancer Pat gets revenge on Jon for dissing Pink Floyd on a previous show.

Adam gets knocked up about false pregnancies, Jon interviews Scott Gavura about the Ontario Bill 179 and Naturopathy, and Darren explores the evidence for treating cancer with psychological support.
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TRC #64: Dark Side of the Moon + 2012 + Start of Spring On this astronomy themed episode Darren tries to figure out what is meant by "Dark Side of the Moon", Adam debunks 2012 doomsday claims, and Jon explains how the start of Spring is determined.
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TRC #63: Satanic Ritual Abuse + Animal Hybirds + Male vs Female Drivers This week Jon delivers a segment on a moral panic from the 80s Satanic Ritual Abuse, Adam talks about Animals Hybrids just so he can mention the term 'Liger', and Darren enters the controversial debate about who are better drivers, men or women.
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TRC #62: Halloween Origins + Ghost Hunter Interview + Black Cat Myths For this spookily special Halloween episode Darren cover the history of Halloween, we interview a fromer local ghost hunter Bob Gale, and Adam debunks some common black cat myths.
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TRC #61: Interview with Phil Plat, the Bad Astronomer Interview with Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, that's it!
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TRC #60: Swine Flu Vaccine Fears+Brian Brushwood Interview+Coal Crushing Myth This week Adam looks at the scare surrounding an unpublished study that claims the seasonal flu vaccine increases the odds of getting the H1N1 flu, Jon and Adam interview Brian Brushwood of Scam School at TAM7, and Darren debunks the myth that you can crush coal into diamonds.
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