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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.
TRC #44: Avro Arrow Conspiracy + Brain Drain + Beavertails Happy Canada Day! Xander exposes the truth behind the Avro Arrow conspiracy, Darren goes to great pains to unearth the facts around the brain drain, and Adam bites into a beavertail misconception.
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The Cat came back! Catherine Lebel returns via skype to join the crew for a show. Darren dissects vaccine dangers, Cat goes into the scientific evidence behind Cosmetic substances, and Xander explores bilateral symmetry as another bit of evidence for evolution. As always, please visit for show notes and to provide feedback.
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TRC #42: Critical Thinking 101 + Psychic Dogs + Myopic Myth This week Jon explains the basics of Critical Thinking, Adam looks at the evidence behind the claim that dogs can predict when their owners come home (psychically!), and Darren busts the myth that nerds/geeks need glasses more than everyone else. For show notes and to give us feedback, please visit
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TRC #41: Landfills + Chelation + Safety in Numbers This week we're joined by Gord Miller, the Environmental Commisioner of Ontario, and Elan Dubrofsky, founder of UBC Freethinkers. The panel discusses landfills with Gord Miller, Jon explains chelation, and Darren explores whether or not there is safety in numbers. Please visit for show notes and to provide feedback.
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Jon takes a skeptical look at mainstream over the counter cold medicine for kids, Darren gets his hands dirty with the Ad Hominem fallacy, and Adam debunks a myth involving pools, urine, and red dyes. Visit to see the show notes and contact us.
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