The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Elan confronts the 5 stages of grief. Adam wonders what human flesh might taste like and examines claims that others have figured it out. Xander will compare the health consequences of fruit juice vs soft drinks.

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Adam romantically debunks the belief that Valentine's Day is a "made up" Hallmark holiday. Xander separates fact from myth when talking about contrails and chemtrails. Darren lies on his back and writes upside down to answer the question: Did NASA spend millions to develop a special pen when the Russians just used a pencil?

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Jon skeptically analyzes, and tests, a crystal under-arm deodorant. Adam talks about mermaids. Elan investigates "placebo buttons"..

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NOTE: At around the 30 minute point, a mysterious noisy distortion appears. There is nothing wrong with your iPod. Our microphone must have started to pick up EVP without our knowledge. No amount of exorcism or post-processing could resolve the issue. We apologize. 

Darren reviews Dan Gardner's latest book "Future Babble". Xander explains why clocks and protractors have weird numbers. Elan answers the question: Do camels carry water in their humps?

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