The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Adam discusses whether or not black cats are at risk for abuse on Halloween. Darren looks into why humans have red blood and not blue blood. Jon takes a critical looks at what would happen if vampirism really existed, would it take over the world?

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Darren defines and discusses consciousness. Elan looks at some data that says that maybe it's not strangers that we should be afraid of. Adam looks into who created the Gregorian calendar, was it Gregorian Monks?

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Adam talks about Elvis, myths about what he ate, how he died, and if he died. Elan interviews the editor/founder of the new "science lifestyle" magazine Guru. Jon looks into the difference between hair and fur, the difference may surprise you!

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Adam examines the plausibility of "gaydar". Darren review Massimo Pigliucci's book "Nonsense on Stilts". Elan then rips apart a ridiculous "chain status" from facebook.

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Elan examines the claim that bisexuality doesn't actually exist. Adam talks all about hiccups, from their mysterious origins to their crazy "cures". Darren examines whether people should, or should not, have sex before playing sports like basketball.

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