The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Adam examines the bold claims of the movie and music industry regarding online piracy. Elan debunks the outrageous claim that Pepsi uses human fetuses to add flavouring. Darren figures out WTF a blue moon actually means.

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Darren talks about a recent news story about a genius 4 year old, what does her IQ actually mean? Jon examines the truth and fiction surrounding truth serum, can it actually get people to spill the truth? Adam runs a game of science fact or science fiction about the origins of "420".

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Adam goes into the history and absurdity of HIV Denial, the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS. Elan looks into the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, did it happen? Could it have happened? Darren goes over a few common Titanic myths in remembrance of the sinking of the ship 100 years ago this past week.

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Darren explains the controversy surroundingTuring Test, a supposed way to determine if computers have reached "human level" intelligence. Elan brings to light a heavily debated topic from computer science, does "P = NP"? Adam looks into the plausibility of the 1999 movie "Double Jeopardy".

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Jon looks into if gas boycott emails actually have a chance of working. Chris Hassall is interviewed about his (and CASS' ) role in exposing climate change denial at Carleton University. Adam explains why it's illegal to remove mattress tags, or does he?

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