The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

This is the final episode with Jon as a regular co-host. Adam looks into Tommy Chong's claims that marijuana cures cancer. Elan discovers the shocking truth behind Kobe beef. Jon answers a listeners email about how to start a skeptics organization.

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Darren finds out whether he could potentially offer up life nourishing milk himself. Jon looks into a pet theory promoted by a legendary comic book artist. Adam rants against a common misconception about HD movies.

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Adam examines some recent evidence claiming that Amelia Earhart survived a plane crash and lived the rest of her years on a deserted island. Elan figures out what causes athletes to perform poorly in the season after they agree to appear on the cover of video games. Darren learns that the famous statues on Easter Island actually have bodies.

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Elan talks about the fascinating field of science called epigenetics, is there a force other than natural selection that can change your genes? Adam looks into whether people can actually claim sanctuary in a church. Darren examines the origins of the belief that "blue is for boys and pink is for girls".

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