The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

It's a Halloween themed episode of The Reality Check! After an epic intro parody, Darren starts the show off with a segment about ghosts. This is followed by an intense game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, Halloween edition, hosted by Pat. Elan rounds out the show with the myth of week, exploring whether or Cloud Computing is affection by bad weather.

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Darren McKee takes a peek inside the box to check on Schrödinger's cat, Elan Dubrofsky checks the price tag on secret shoppers, Adam Gardner goes undercover to talk about Furby spies and Pat Roach sings the praises of 100 parodies.

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Pat Roach injects us with some facts about tattoos and tattoo removals, Adam Gardner gives us a snapshot of what eidetic memory is and Elan Dubrofsky fills us up with some strategies for eating at buffets. 

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Darren McKee discusses sexism in science, Elan Dubrofsky asks whether blowing into Nintendo cartridges was an effective way to get games to work and Adam Gardner ponders whether Canadians say "zed" or "zee."

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