The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Another solid episode churned out by the skeptical podcast factory otherwise known as "The Reality Check". After an awesome (and somewhat NSFW) parody by Pat "ODB" Roach, the show is lead off by Elan "don't call me borophyll" Dubrofsky presenting a segment on whether or not plants can percieve and react to things like animals do. Pat "all over this description" Roach then hosts an all new skeptical game called "Name That...". Darren "medium rare" McKee finishes off the show with an exploration into tick bites and whether they can cause an allergy to red meat. Adam "no responsibilities whatsoever" Gardner chimes in periodically throughout the show.

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They've done it again! The Reality Check episode 219 may just be the best episode yet. Darren leads off the show by exploring some recent research into whether men and woman can be platonic friends. Adam then provides a thorough listing of foods that contain animals that you may not have suspected. Pat rounds out the show with the myth of the week: Did Van Halen ask for all brown M&Ms to be removed from their snacks backstage at their shows?

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Episode 218 is a gem that will likley never be forgotten by avid TRC fans. The episode begins with an amazing skeptical parody by Pat of a song that is apparently kind of popular on the internet. This is followed by Elan, who starts the show proper(ly) with a segment about Price Gouging, and how it may not be as bad as people are making it out to be. Darren then looks into the shoddy reporting of a study whose conclusion is quite absurd. Adam closes out the show with the myth of the week: Does the Captain always go down with the ship? Enjoy the show!

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In an episode released the same week as The Reality Check's one millionth download, the gang does not dissapoint with three thought provoking segments. Elan D. leads things off with a look into whether social media has lead to increased social isolation. Adam G. follows with an exploration into some claims made against the biotech megacorporation Monstanto. Pat R. closes out the show with the myth of the week; is there a food additive made of bizarre animal products in much of what we eat called Castoreum? Also, one of the hosts takes a turn doing vocals for the opening skeptical parody.

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