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With Elan unable to make the recording for episode 242 of The Reality Check, Pat's wife Cristina stands in and delivers a great opening segment taking a skeptical look at the cosmetics industry. Next, Darren looks into a number of dinosaur myths. Adam closes things out by answering if your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet.

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The guys bring it in a big way for episode #241 of The Reality with 3 top notch segments. Pat leads things off with an interesting looking into whether or not breast cancer screening leads to more harm than good. Adam then teaches us all about the various varieties of sweat. Elan closes out the show by answering the question: was Pong the first ever video game?

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Episode 240 of The Reality Check blows episode 239 out of the water, and this is saying something since (as followers of the episode descriptions would know) 239 was considered the best podcast ever made. The show starts off with Elan digging into the tricks used and lies told by scammers trying to sell water purification systems. Darren then compares grass fed to grain fed beef, looking into whether the claim that grass fed is better holds up. Pat plays us out by looking into whether or not red hair is going extinct.

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Episode 239 of The Reality Check is the best podcast you will ever listen to. Adam leads off the show by looking into the supposed health effects of different teas. Elan then leads a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction: urine edition. Darren closes out the show by answering the question of whether or not lions are the most deadly animal in Africa.

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