The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

For the first time ever, Pat, Elan, Adam and Darren all recorded a The Reality Check episode from the same location. From Pat's living room, Darren starts things off by looking into whether the sun really does rise in the east and set in the west. Elan then leads a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, with a theme of questions about bodily fluids. Adam closes things out with a segment on whether or not you should shave your dog in the summer.

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Episode 245 of The Reality Check is pretty freakin' great! Pat leads things off with an interview with Stefan Jeremiah about whether or not it is ok to eat quinoa. Elan then discusses the similarities and differences between the popular over the counter pain relievers. Darren closes things out with a look into what the stats are regarding misattributed paternity.

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Episode 244 of The Reality Check is very different than your father's skeptical podcast. The gang presents three cutting edge segments that you won't hear anywhere else*. Darren leads things off by delving into the real or imagined epidemic of penis theft. Adam then looks into whether or not the 6-inch-long skeleton called the Atacama Humanoid is actually human. Elan finishes things off by discussing if brown eggs are better than white eggs. It's a wild ride.

*citation needed

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Another episode of TRC is here and you can put that on your toast!  Elan explores detoxification, Adam responds to a listener's request to look into health at any size and Pat closes things out by asking: did his co-hosts repeat a myth about tattoos and burial in Jewish cemeteries?

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