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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

With Adam away the remaining TRCers were privledged to be joined by Cristina Roach for episode 251. Elan leads things off with a look into whether buying local food is really all it's cracked up to be. Cristina then dives into the world of aphrodisiacs to find out which ones, if any, actually work. Darren closes out the show by asking what is the most recognized symbol in the world.

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Episode 250 of The Reality Check is better than the previous 149 episodes COMBINED! Darren leads things off with a discussion of whether or not drinking alcohol increases the chances of a woman getting breast cancer. Elan then looks into the true odds of flipping a coin, as well as some other odds that aren't as they may seem. Pat closes things out by revealing whether or not a recent viral video is real or not.

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Episode 249 is explosive!   First Adam looks into the Oak Island Money Pit in Nova Scotia then Pat and Elan have a chat with Teddy Wilson from "Never Ever Do This At Home" and lastly Darren tells us whether or not cell phone signals go to space. 

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TRC #248 is ready for your listening pleasure.   Pat takes a look at some common myths about the "land down under," Darren confuses the panel with some moral thought experiments and Adam takes a look at why there are mirrors in elevators.   

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Episode 247 is here and ready for you!   Elan tells us about Viking relics supposedly found in Beardmore Ontario.   Adam discusses a move called "The Purge" and the concept of catharsis.   Lastly Darren looks at whether a video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with Nunchaku is real.

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