The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

255 Episodes in and TRC is still bringing the skepticism in a big way. The show starts off with Pat covering some commonly believed myths about our home country of Canada. Darren then presents some non-traditional ways to keep cool in the summer. Elan closes things out by answering whether the cesarean section procedure is named after Julius Caesar.

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Episode 254 is pretty wild. First of all, Adam and Pat both coincidentaly do segments about being barefoot. Adam looks into if there are any benefits to barefoot running and Pat discusses whether or not it is illegal to drive barefoot. In between these two gems, Darren hosts a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, with the topic being things he learnt on his trip to Europe. Enjoy!

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Once again we have an amazing episode of The Reality Check ready for your consumption. Adam starts things off by looking into the science behind the policy of not letting men who have had sex with other men to give blood. Next Elan discusses a recent Twitter hoax involving Katy Perry. Special guest host Jon Abrams ends the show by answering the question of whether or not you should refrain from swimming after eating.

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With Darren and Adam away, former TRC host Jon Abrams joins Pat and Elan for an evening of skeptical musings. Pat leads off the show by answering a listner submitted question, whether or not you need to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them. Jon then talks about wine competitions and the consistency of their results. Elan closes the show but tackling the controversial question of whether GIF is pronounced 'gif' or 'jiff'.

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