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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

The gang celebrates Halloween in skeptical fashion in episode 268 of The Reality Check. Darren starts things off by looking into the so-called "flesh-eating 'zombie' drug" Krokodil. Adam then looks into the recent media coverage stating that Oreos are more addictive than cocaine. Elan closes the show by answering the question of whether or not reading in the dark damages your eyes.

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Episode 267 is here!   First the gang is joined by Dina Tsirlin who explores supervised injection sites such as Insight in Vancouver.  Next the panel has a heated discussion about the book "Who Owns The Future" by Jaron Lanier.  Finally, Adam examines an episode of Punky Brewster and asks: are refrigerators death traps?  

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Episode 266 is awesome!   First Elan responds to a listener request to look into whether you should let your young children watch television, next Pat leads us in a game of "Name That" with a famous scientists theme.    Lastly, Darren tells us about the leading cause of bird deaths in Canada.  

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The gang is joined by former TRC host Jon Abrams for a doozy of an episode. Darren leads things off by discussing a recent paper on motivated numeracy. Adam then looks into if cat purring heals bones. Jon closes things out by challenging Adam's claim from a previous episode that when you eat Chinese food you will get hungry again in an hour. Elan and Pat do their best to contribute. Enjoy!

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