The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

With most of the regular crew enjoying a week off, Pat and Cristina hijack the show for a third year to revisit some of the best parodies of the last 12 months.  Listener and host favourites are highlighted while counting down to the #1 fave parody of the year.

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Most people would take a break after blockbuster like episode 275, but not these guys! Episode 276 is off the map! Darren leads things off by analyzing recent research on whether mice inherit fear from their parents. Next, Pat leads a festive edition of his trademark game Name That. Adam closes out the show by looking into the Salvation Army and some claims of offensive things that they've said.

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The gang brings out the big guns for episode 275 of the Reality Check as they give their special TRC take on some classic skeptical topics. Darren leads off the show with a segment analyzing the claims made by Astrology and whether or not they make sense. Next, Elan looks into the studies that have been done to determine the effectiveness of intercessory prayer on health outcomes. Adam closes things out with a look into whether or not suicide rates increase during the holidays. Enjoy the show!

"I think it's a gem of an episode" - Pat Roach

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The gang is joined by special guest Dana Peters for episode 274 of The Reality Check. Dana starts off the show by providing an overview of all of cosmology. No biggie. Adam then discusses The Huldufólk, Icelandic elves. Elan closes out the show by looking into whether a marriage is eligible for annulment if it hasn't been consummated. Enjoy!

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