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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

The core TRC gang is back together for episode 282 of The Reality Check. Darren starts things off by looking into a recent viral Facebook post regarding positive thinking and its effect on rice. Next, Adam talks about the effect of colour on our perception of food. Elan closes out the show with a segment on whether or not adding salt to heated water will make it boil faster.

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It's ladies' night at The Reality Check!   With Darren away, the rest of the crew is joined by Cristina Roach and Dina Tsirlin.   First Dina discusses the role of race in biomedical research.   Cristina then looks at whether reality TV is really real.  Lastly Adam challenges the two couples to a skeptical version of the Newlywed Game.  

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With Darren away getting hipper, former TRC host Jon Abrams fills in to ensure that your weekly dose of skepticism is delivered. Jon starts off the show with a segment on the interesting history of the Fahrenheit temperature scale. Next Adam looks into whether cats actually care about their owners. Pat closes things off by covering whether aloe vera is an effective treatment for burns.

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Episode #279 of TRC arrives with a whole bunch of numbers.   First Elan tries to explain infinity and why it is important to skeptics.    Next, Darren revisits placebo and finally Adam looks at whether Canada was recently colder than Mars.  

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The gang (minus Elan) rings in the new year with episode 278 of The Reality Check. Darren starts things off by reviewing the book "This Will Make You Smarter". This is followed by an analysis of the predictions the guys made last year as well as a new round of predictions for 2014. Pat closes things out with a look into whether females can sing falsetto. Happy new year!

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