The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Adam leads things off by looking into if dogs can sense magnetic fields. Next Elan answers a listener question regarding whether eating chocolate causes acne. Darren closes out the show by answering whether it's true that James Patterson is a best selling author.

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The Four Horsemen of the Skeptpocalypse are back with another fun and interesting episode for number 289. Darren leads things off with an analysis of the media coverage of the missing Malaysian Flight 370. Next Elan re-opens fallacy/bias school with an overview of congruence bias and how it affects our daily lives. Adam closes out the show by answering if someone really wrote the words "Dankey Kang" as an answer to a clue on Jeopardy.

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Episode 288 of The Reality Check is a prime example of why podcasting was invented. Elan leads off the show with an exploration into the claim that Andy Kaufman is still alive. Next, Adam answers whether or not there is a conspiracy by fishermen that has led to many people eating fish on Fridays. Pat closes out the show with a segment on a factual misrepresentation in ads for Sheri's Berries.

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It's time for your weekly dose of skepticism with episode 287 of The Reality Check. Adam leads things off by looking into open concept offices and whether or not they deliver all of the productivity boosts that are claimed. Next, Pat leads a spirited game of Name That with questions on the topic of smoking. Darren closes out the show by answering the question of whether or not you should use alcohol to sterilize a wound.

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Episode 286 is here!    First the gang discusses the book 'Moral Tribes' by Joshua Greene.   Next Elan looks into whether bribing kids leads to better school grades.   Lastly Adam looks into whether we commit three felonies a day.

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