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Episode 299 has arrived!   With Elan away, the rest of the crew still delivers.   First Adam looks into whether on not Godzilla could exist.  Darren then gives us not one, not two, not three but FOUR book reviews.  Lastly Pat looks into whether there has ever been a true snuff film. 

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With both Darren and Adam away, former host Jon Abrams steps up in style!    First Elan takes a look at the book 'The China Study.'   Next Jon asks whether someone decapitated by a guillotine might see their own body.  Lastly Pat looks at the difference between asteroids, comets, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites.  

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TRC episode 297 would win the podcast equivalent of a Pulitzer if that kind of thing existed. Pat leads off the show with some investigative journalism into whether or not scientists really did discover the most relaxing song of all time, as was reported widely in the media. Next, Elan looks into a article that has been trending about beers that should be avoided at all costs because they have dangerous ingredients. Darren closes out the show by exploring if mitochondria is only inherited through the maternal line.

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The whole gang is back together and what a show!  First Adam explores whether life on earth began on another planet.   Next, Darren shares his talk from skepticamp about foreign aid myths with us.   Lastly Pat intoxicates us with a look into whether drinking beer through a straw will get you drunk faster.

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With Adam away and Pat sick, the rest of the crew is joined by special guest Alex Commons.   First Alex tells us about fraud and fake facebook likes.   Next Elan fills us up with the details on fresh vs frozen fruits and vegetables.  Lastly, Darren looks into whether the state of Kansas is trying to block the television series Cosmos.  

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