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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Episode 303 of TRC is here.   First, Pat takes a 'frank' look into whether earlobe creases are a sign of heart disease.   Next, Adam purrrrrsues an answer to whether the beloved internet cat, Venus, is truly a chimera.   Lastly, Elan dives hand first into the question of why our fingers prune in water.

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The gang is fully recovered from the episode 300 celebration (301 was the hangover episode) and explodes which their best episode yet with number 302. Darren leads the way with a segment about some recent research on whether female-named hurricanes kill more people than their male-named counterparts. Next, Pat discusses if airline food tastes worse than food on the ground. Elan closes things out by looking into why people are wearing surgical masks out in public.

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Episode 301 of The Reality Check is the pinnacle of audio media. The show begins with Adam looking into whether parents should tell their kids to "finish their plates". Next, Elan hosts an exciting rendition of the classic TRC game, Science Fact or Science Fiction, with a theme of fertility. Darren closes things out by discussing whether or not the Turing Test was recently passed.

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All four panelists are back together to celebrate 300 episodes of The Reality Check!  Pat starts us off with a look a Vanessa's Law.   Adam then takes us through some mistakes that were made in the last 100 episodes.   Darren gives us a light-hearted segment about bad student writing and the show closes with a look at the panelists' favourite and least favourite segments..   

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