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Episode 312 is all that and more!  First Adam frags some headlines claiming that adult women gamers outnumber teenage boy gamers.   Next Pat hunts for the facts to answer a listener's questions about deer.  Lastly Darren clears the smoke on whether Puff The Magic Dragon is about marijuana. 

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Episode 311 of The Reality Check is really amazing. Darren leads it off with a discussion about some misconceptions people have about suicide. Next, Elan looks into whether you should eat 3 regular meals a day or multiple small meals. Adam closes things out by answer whether it's true that sharks can smell blood from a long distance away.

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This episode of The Reality Check is the best piece of content on the internet. Pat leads things off by going in depth into his investigation of a vanity award scam. Next Darren discusses if people in Afghanistan know about the events of 9/11. Finally Elan answers whether it's true that a 17 year old woman named Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig consecutively.

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With Darren away at a conference, former TRC host Jon Abrams steps in to take over the hosting duties for episode 309 of The Reality Check, and leads things off with a segment where he discusses a number of World War 1 myths. Next, Elan leads a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction: Great Outdoors Edition. Adam closes things out by looking into the origin of toasting glasses comes from people trying to avoid getting poisoned.

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Episode 308 is here.   First Darren tries to work out whether Crossfit is suing scientists.   Next Adam searches for answers in reply to a listener's email about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).   Lastly, Pat pours over evidence on whether or not it is safe for dogs to drink ice water.  

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