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Episode 316 is awesome.   First Darren covers a salacious and titillating news story about a three breasted woman.   Next Pat mystifies the panel with a new edition of "name that," all about cryptozoology.   Lastly, Elan examines the underbelly of claims about cow tipping.  

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The core group of 4 is back together again to bring you another dose of premium skeptical content in episode 315 of The Reality Check. Elan leads things off by exploring the health claims of grounding mats. Next Adam analyzes yet another study comparing  cocaine to sweetener. Darren closes out the show by answering what colour our teeth should be.

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Episode 314 has not one guest, but TWO!   First Dina tells us all about parasites, multiple sclerosis and clinical trials.   Next Dana takes a look at the size of the universe.  Lastly, Adam investigates a viral video about Tim Hortons cup sizes.  

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Most of the crew gets a much deserved week off while Pat provides a mash-up of segments based on the theme of "firsts."   We would love to get your feedback on whether you liked the format!  Let us know at:

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