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The Reality Check panel delivers a morbidly merry episode this holiday season! Pat goes down under to see if Adelaide is worthy of its ‘murder capital’ rep, while Cristina presents the odds of dying on your birthday. Next, Adam relaxes into a segment about the dangers of sitting, and Darren investigates recent homicide rates in Canada.

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TRC drops another informative show with some hilarious outtakes! Darren takes over the world show with an in-depth overview of Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence, Cristina gives us a sobering look at whether the Guinness Two-Pour is a must or a myth, and Adam brings us a purr-fectly delivered segment about Grumpy Cat that had us all in stitches.

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This week’s show is #1!  Dina stirs the melting pot and gives us a taste of racial disparity as it relates to education, employment, and the penal system, Darren tests our knowledge of key social issues in our own backyard, and Cristina kicks in with a segment about The Cheerleader Effect. Goooooooo TRC!

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This week’s awesome episode kicks off with Pat focusing on The Bates Method. Cristina shops for facts about outlet malls, while Adam cleans up with a segment about Roombas. Lastly, Darren raises our awareness with a recent troubling news story.

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