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On this week’s fun and fact-filled show, Darren kicks things off swearing Blasphemy is alive and well in Canada. Cristina breaks out in a segment about why debunked allergy myths continue to persist. Lastly, Adam mixes it up by asking if adding an egg to boxed cake mixes is a marketing ploy.  

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Adam is back from his vacation/reconnaissance mission in California where he investigates why everything in the State purports to cause cancer or birth defects. Pat addresses gender identity in an interview with friend of the show Sebastien LeBel. Lastly, Darren drops the question, “Which is the most bombed country on Earth?”  The answer may surprise you...

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Even with Adam away, TRC delivers!  Cristina blows in with an interesting breakdown of the Wind Chill Index, while Darren probes the book “Bad Pharma” by British physician and academic Ben Goldacre.  Finally, Pat flushes out the truth behind why bottled water has an expiration date.  

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Happy New Year from TRC!  On this week’s episode, Darren doubles down on whether cancer is mostly the result of bad luck, while Adam looks into his crystal ball for our Annual Predictions. Pat rounds out the show with the raw facts on sushi and wasabi and rings in 2015’s inaugural episode with some ‘Rap Bravado’. Check it…

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With half of the regular TRC crew off for the holidays, Pat and Cristina hijack the show for a fourth year running and revisit some of the best parodies and highlights of the year.  

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