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On this week’s show, Cristina rouses the panel with some research that addresses whether we can ever really catch up on lost sleep. Guest Lars Péloquin explains the concept of Trickle-down Economics. Finally, Pat looks into why NASA recently had to address rumours which suggested an impending Asteroid catastrophe.

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Guest panelist and honorary TRC’er Dr. Stuart Robbins from the “Exposing PseudoAstronomy” podcast joins us once again to answer questions about New Horizons and help us navigate the various claims made by the media coverage of Pluto.  Adam rounds out the show by looking into the various conspiracy theories surrounding The Berenstain Bear children series.

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Hey TRC’ers!  While Adam is away this week, friend of the show Dallas Card joins us once again in studio to explain Simpson’s Paradox. Pat challenges the panel to another game of Name That: GMO Edition. Finally, Cristina flushes out a listener’s email regarding traveller’s diarrhea myths.

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Imma let you finish...but this episode of TRC is off the hizzy! First, Adam kicks the show off with an in depth look at ‘provocative’ new research that suggests bullying is genetic. TRC alumni Elan joins the crew this week to unveil the real facts behind the Shroud of Turin. Finally, Darren raps about a recent ‘news piece’ gone viral featuring Kanye vs a wheelchair basketball team of middle school kids.

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TRC keeps bringin’ da facts! Darren starts us off by dipping into a segment about popular hydration myths. Cristina digs into what happens when you donate your body to Science. Finally, Adam reflects on whether or not it’s easy to detect a two-way mirror.

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