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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

BOO! This week, Darren looks closely into the reporting around the recent published study from WHO’s cancer agency (IARC) regarding links between cancer and the consumption of red and processed meat. Adam applies logic to break down the science of Gremlins. Finally, Cristina takes on another controversial post on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog Goop suggesting wearing a bra causes cancer.

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Emergency medical doctor Ken Milne and host of The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine podcast is a totally gnarly dude! He takes time out to join the panel and talk about the knowledge translation project which he founded. Pat teaches us all a few things with a riveting game of Name That featuring Nobel Prize trivia. Finally, Darren gives us a spirited segment by looking into whether people in China are stealing corpses for ghost weddings.

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Cognitive scientist and author Jim Davies joins the crew this week for a riveting discussion about his book ‘Riveted.”   Next Adam surveys the evidence about whether political polling is effective.  Lastly, Cristina chews on the question of whether extraneous factors affect judicial decisions. Enjoy!

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TRC drops four segments this week for your listening pleasure. First, Pat scours the research after a listener writes in questioning whether antibacterial soap is more effective at killing germs.  Adam taps into the recent health claims lauding the benefits of Maple Water. Cristina looks into why anti-vaxxers are up in arms over a recently published funded study. Finally, Darren takes an exhaustive look at which countries are the highest CO2 emitters.

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Not even the flu can keep Producer Pat from finally bringing you this week’s episode of TRC! First, Darren explores whether or not encouraging people to follow their passion when choosing a career is sage advice. Next, Cristina takes on a listener’s suggestion and points a skeptical lense at the weather forecasts made by the Farmer’s Alamanacs. Finally, Adam checks into whether or not the claim that Subway has Halal-only restaurants is fact or fiction.

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