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The whole crew is back together.  First Pat examines whether fans can affect the outcome of  basketball games by distracting players who are taking free throws. Next Darren looks into the demarcation problem in the philosophy of science. Lastly Cristina checks up on how well politicians do with keeping their campaign promises.   

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While Adam is galavanting in Europe, “Physics Commando” Barry Panas joins the crew to school us on the physics of superheroes. Pat discovers who showed up in class with a game of Name That: High School Quiz Edition. Finally, Darren investigates whether there’s any truth to a claim making the rounds on the internet about a rare green moon.

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Friend of the show Jim Davies joins us this week to explore our psychology, and often conflicted feelings, about droids in the Stars Wars universe. Cristina schools us in terms often misused when reporting psychological science. Finally, Adam rounds out this week’s Geek factor by debunking some popular Star Wars myths.

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Adam squeezes the truth out of rumours that French’s Ketchup, rather than Heinz, is supporting Ontario industries.  Next Cristina looks into whether readers are influenced by misleading headlines, even if they read the full article.  Lastly Darren checks into reports that China has banned April Fools’ day.  

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Darren kicks off the show with a quick panel discussion about Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to pull a controversial documentary linking vaccines with autism from their line-up. Next, Pat dives right into a listener email about double-dipping. Adam looks into how the internet corrupted Microsoft’s innocent new AI chatbot Tay in less than 24 hours. Finally, Cristina gets goopy with a segment about energy-infused beauty products.

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