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On this week’s show, Pat looks into social media posts suggesting that heavy metal band, Lamb of God, received an award from televangelist Joel Osteen.  Next Darren digs into ElbowGate, where the Canadian Prime Minister is accused of manhandling Gordon Brown and elbowing Ruth-Ellen Brosseau.   Lastly, Adam examines claims that dogs can detect low blood sugar in people with diabetes.  

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On this week’s show, Darren examines recent stories about people who put a baby bison in their car in Yellowstone National Park.  Next, Cristina does the math on how much Uber drivers really make.   Last, Adam fact checks headlines claiming that a Quebec teenager found a lost Mayan city.

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On this week’s show, Pat looks into a recent story making the rounds on the internet about Apple stealing your music. Next, Darren revisits the best way to give during a disaster on the heels of the Fort McMurray wildfires. Finally, Adam talks about...what else? Cats! Is there really a new cat collar that will translate your cat’s meows? Collar me skeptical.

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In celebration of our 400th episode, we take on a couple of listener questions. Then Adam looks into whether your dog really hates it when you give them a hug. Lastly Cristina leads the panel in a discussion about the recent conviction of two Alberta parents who were found guilty in their 19-month-old son’s death from meningitis.

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