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Darren kick off the show looking at headlines about fake news, Facebook and the U.S. election.  Cristina looks at new FTC rules regarding homeopathy.  Lastly, Adam brings us a segment about determining fetal sex via ultrasound.  

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Pat kicks off The Reality Check’s first post-US election show looking into claims that voters may have thrown off the election results by voting Harambe 2016. Adam gives any disgruntled American friends the 411 on how to move to Canada. Finally, Cristina scrutinizes the validity of alleged uncanny Trump predictions floating around social media.

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Cristina reality checks some common misconceptions about Daylight Saving Time.  Darren looks at recent headlines about a male birth control study which was stopped due to adverse effects.

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Cristina checks into a listener’s questions about the effectiveness of a product called ‘Theraband Flexbar’ for tennis elbow. Adam looks at some headlines about a new Star Wars flick being filmed near you which are making the rounds on social media. Pat tests the panel’s knowledge with a Remembrance Day themed episode of everyone’s favourite mostly guessing game, ‘name that.’

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