The Reality Check (podcasts)
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Darren finds out whether he could potentially offer up life nourishing milk himself. Jon looks into a pet theory promoted by a legendary comic book artist. Adam rants against a common misconception about HD movies.

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Adam examines some recent evidence claiming that Amelia Earhart survived a plane crash and lived the rest of her years on a deserted island. Elan figures out what causes athletes to perform poorly in the season after they agree to appear on the cover of video games. Darren learns that the famous statues on Easter Island actually have bodies.

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Adam goes into the history and absurdity of HIV Denial, the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS. Elan looks into the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, did it happen? Could it have happened? Darren goes over a few common Titanic myths in remembrance of the sinking of the ship 100 years ago this past week.

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Elan sizes up the drug Valium, is it as bad as people think, or as good as people say? Adam looks into whether the concept of "dog years" makes any sense. Darren talks about gravity.

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Darren debunks a recent article in the Wall street Journal about climate change. Adams talks about Groundhog day, the movie and the day. Jon looks into whether putting batteries and other non-food items in the fridge is worth doing.

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Darren goes over some practical types on how to debunk topics when talking to friends, taken from the Debunking Handbook. Jon looks into "alien implants". Adam rants about coloured pencils.

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In this special episode of TRC Pat and Cristina talk about their skeptic music parodies that have been featured on TRC over the years. They feature fan favourites, and the favourites of the various show contributors.

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Jon looks at whether the science of "microexpressions" (popularized by the TV show Lie To Me) works as claimed. Darren turns his skeptical eye to the media's reporting of child homicide stats. Adam finds out if Marie Antoinette actually said "Let them eat cake".

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Elan covers the outrageous website "Quantum Jumping". Adam looks into a recent news item, whether the US Congress really decided to make pizza a vegetable. Darren examines the belief that twins "skip a generation".

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Adam discusses whether or not black cats are at risk for abuse on Halloween. Darren looks into why humans have red blood and not blue blood. Jon takes a critical looks at what would happen if vampirism really existed, would it take over the world?

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