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The Reality Check

Sep 25, 2020

After the huge backlash around the recent release of coming-of-age drama ‘Cuties’ on Netflix, Pat examines what this film is about. Darren rounds out the show with a deep dive on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ staggering wealth and wonders: is he too rich?

Sep 19, 2020

Adam looks behind the latest headlines that suggest we may have discovered life on the planet Venus. Cristina takes us down a fun rabbit hole when she explores how David Bowie pulled off one of the biggest art hoaxes in history. Finally, Darren crushes three book reviews spanning wildly different, equally fascinating...

Sep 12, 2020

Cristina looks into the safety of so-called ‘essential’ oils when it comes to use around children. Friend of the show, Dr. Stuart Robbins, answers a question about why those picturesque astronomy photos of galaxies far, far away are so colourful. Finally, Darren asks if former United States Presidents are actually...

Sep 5, 2020

Guess who’s back? The crew is back together again for TRC’s 600th episode! Darren asks if ‘cancel culture’ really exists. Producer Pat tests the gang’s memories with a game of ‘Name That: Previous Game’ edition. Adam looks into mystery packets of seeds that people worldwide are randomly receiving in the mail.