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The Reality Check

Jun 28, 2010

Adam discusses the latest example of pareidolia run amok, a greeting card that supposedly uses some naughty language. Jon interviews Paul Ingraham of about epsom salts and massage therapy. Darren busts the myth that mice love cheese (but not the myth that Jon loves cheese).

Jun 21, 2010

Jon talks about where crude oil comes from and the controversial abiogenic origin hypothesis. Elan looks into why homosexuality hasn't been removed by natural selection. Adam busts the myth that Koalas are bears. He does not debunk their cuteness though.

Jun 14, 2010

As predicted, Elan discusses Nostradamus. Adam, and his friends, analyze multiple personality disorder. Finally, Darren annoys fish lovers by tackling the myth that fish is brain food.

Jun 7, 2010

Darren explores the source of denialism and how people justify their denialist beliefs. Adam explains why playing the lottery is "stupid". Elan poses the "Missing Dollar Riddle" to the panel resulting in some interesting reactions.