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The Reality Check

Sep 27, 2010

Adam tells you everything you need to know about space elevators. Darren talks about the recent event at the UN when the president of Iran mentioned 9/11 conspiracies. Jon debunks the myth that Walt Disney was an anti-semite.

Sep 20, 2010

Elan discusses the controversy of whether language affects how people think. Darren uses scientific language to share a cool anecdote from his recent trip to Rio Dejanero. Adam examines the myth that fruit flies only live for an hour.

Sep 13, 2010

Elan talks about the latest fad called "photo analysis". Adam debunks fear surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Jon answers the question "Was Hitler Jewish?".

Sep 6, 2010

Adam explains what an EMP is, and how to survive it. Jon and Elan interview skeptical investigate Ben Radford at TAM8. Darren examines the myth that there are 215 bones in the human body.