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The Reality Check

Aug 22, 2020

Cristina looks into online shopping and asks how useful are online reviews really? Adam takes an objective look at the recent alarming USPS news, and whether there is evidence that Donald Trump is sabotaging the US Postal Service to steal the election. Finally, Darren gives us some food for thought when looking behind...

Aug 16, 2020

Darren looks into anonymous hiring and whether it helps reduce discrimination after a recent article argued that auditions for violinists should no longer be anonymized. Cristina takes a deep dive into what happens to plastic drink bottles that you toss in your recycling bin.

Aug 7, 2020

Adam kicks off the show by looking into whether people’s changing habits during COVID-19 is causing shortages of aluminum cans and coins. We round out the show with our good friend Dr. Stuart Robbins, who is a research scientist that studies planetary geophysics. He chats about the importance of studying impact...

Aug 1, 2020

With the recent spotlight on the WE Charity, we revisit a segment Darren originally covered in 2015 which explores the very disturbing downside of well-intentioned Voluntourism.