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The Reality Check

Mar 25, 2016

Happy March Equinox, Checkers! This week, Darren delves into the age-old question, does more money really make us happier? Pat and Cristina give a recap of An Evening With Neil deGrasse Tyson in Toronto. Finally, Adam hops right into a segment about how Easter is determined.

Mar 18, 2016

Very special guest Barry “Physics Commando” Panas reflects on whether mirrors reverse left and right. Next, Adam peels back the layers on a conspiracy about The Onion and Hillary Clinton. Lastly, Cristina sweetens things up by looking at a recent study claiming Splenda causes cancer.

Mar 12, 2016

This week, Adam takes an in-depth look into 4K resolution TVs and whether taking the plunge is worth it. Next, Darren examines whether Donald Trump is as successful at business as he claims to be.  

Mar 5, 2016

Go Skeptic, it’s your podcast! This week, Pat squashes the recent iPhone retro 1970 Bug making the rounds. Darren points a skeptical lens at current news stories suggesting Hitler suffered from a condition that affected the size of his penis. Cristina jumps in to school us on the origins of Leap Year. Finally, Adam...