The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

The TRC crew have a fun and light round table discussion about the supposed "war on Christmas". Adam quizzes the other co-hosts on their knowledge of Christmas season shopping myths. Darren explores the arguments for using artificial Christmas trees vs real ones.

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Darren talks about bad stats in science. Jon looks into ley lines. Elan finds out whether anyone got an A on a philosophy exam by writing only one word.

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Jon looks at whether the science of "microexpressions" (popularized by the TV show Lie To Me) works as claimed. Darren turns his skeptical eye to the media's reporting of child homicide stats. Adam finds out if Marie Antoinette actually said "Let them eat cake".

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Darren describes which animal provides the most calories per life. Adam looks into what Tourette Syndrome is, and what it is not. Elan wonders whether you can make someone pee the bed by putting their hand in warm water.

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Elan covers the outrageous website "Quantum Jumping". Adam looks into a recent news item, whether the US Congress really decided to make pizza a vegetable. Darren examines the belief that twins "skip a generation".

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Adam looks into whether glasses designed for "gamers" can actually make you better at video games. Elan talks about "radionics", a popular medical pseudoscience invented by Albert Abrams a century ago (no relation to Jon Abrams!). Darren looks into the common TV/move trope of "Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you are."

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Elan talks about the cognitive bias "Fundamental Attribution Error" where people don't see situational causes for why people do what they do. Darren complains about a chain letter he received about giving yourself CPR. Adam looks into why Canada had poppy pins with green centres for so long.

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Darren explores a recent paper that looked into if there is in fact a small group of people that control the biggest corporations, and therefore the world! Adam looks into whether the "7 billionth" person is named Caidan. Elan takes a shower and learns to not fear the flush.

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Adam discusses whether or not black cats are at risk for abuse on Halloween. Darren looks into why humans have red blood and not blue blood. Jon takes a critical looks at what would happen if vampirism really existed, would it take over the world?

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Darren defines and discusses consciousness. Elan looks at some data that says that maybe it's not strangers that we should be afraid of. Adam looks into who created the Gregorian calendar, was it Gregorian Monks?

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