The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Did you nearly miss downloading this week's episode of TRC? If that's the case, you better make sure to listen or you may end up engaging in risky activities that could lead you to actually miss an episode! Darren has you covered on that. You definitely don't want to miss an episode because you'd miss Pat's hard hitting reporting in segments like this week's where he digs deeper into whether the internet was created to withstand a nuclear attack. Adam closes out the show by looking into whether anyone has actually ever accidentaly returned a sex tape to the video store.

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Episode 237 is here and we're gonna drop some facts.    The crew is joined by a special guest, Ariel Herscovitch, who discusses mandatory minimum sentences.   Elan then brings us an interview with Jamie Williams who tells us about some common misconceptions related to epilepsy. Lastly Darren mooves into the question of whether US cattle are fed better than many people in third world nations.

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Episode 236 starts off with a Taylor Swift inspired parody and then skepticises all the way until the last outtake is complete. Pat leads off the show with a TRC exclusive regarding crying and which eye tears first. Adam then explores the supposed ghost orbs that sometimes appear in photographs. Elan ends the show by looking into whether Napoleon was short.

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Episode 235 of The Reality Check brings the skepticism in a big way with 3 sizzling segments. Darren starts of the show by discussing how one can optimize their charity giving. Elan then looks into eye colour and whether or not it is true that two blue eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed child. Adam closes things out with whether or not some Roll Up The Rim to Win cups sizes have higher chances of winning.

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Episode 234 coming at you!   Pat responds to a couple of listeners who wrote in to set him straight about the internet, Adam gets Pat back for doing a computer segment by exploring a music related segment about whether Kurt Cobain really committed suicide and Elan rounds out the show with an exploration of Adam's apples in men and women. 

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