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The gang was once again joined by Chris who led the show off with a segment about allergy tests. Adam then kept his promise from last week and looked into bottled water and how it compares to tap water. Darren then did a quick rant about the single cause fallacy, and Elan closed out the show exploring what ADIDAS really stands for.

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In this week's episode, Chris Hassall dropped by and joined the gang as a special guest. Chris started things off by presenting a completely uncontroversial segment about water fluoridation. Next, Elan led a Science Fact or Science Fiction (TM) game about Olympics and sport (during which Darren complained the whole time). Finally, Darren discussed whether or not it is better to leave a light on or turn it off and then on again.

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Adam arrived without a voice for this week's episode but we decided to record anyway. First, raspy voice Gardner talked about alkaline diets. Next, Darren gave a brief tutorial of GDP. To finish off the show, Elan discussed the myth of whether or not it is illegal to count cards in blackjack.

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Darren explores the claims made by various popular energy drink manufacturers. Elan finds flaws in the logical assumptions that were made by the nerds who created the Tommy Westphall Universe. Adam discusses whether plants die when given microwaved water.

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Special guest Dana Peters joins the show to discuss Fuel Savers.  Adam buzzes about bug repellent and Darren offers up the chilling facts about losing weight by eating ice. 

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In the first post-Jon episode, Elan took a shot at hosting the show. First, Darren talked about sunscreen myths, then Adam discussed why prices often end in .99, and Elan closed out the show with the myth that when you get arrested you only get 1 phone call.

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Elan talks about the fascinating field of science called epigenetics, is there a force other than natural selection that can change your genes? Adam looks into whether people can actually claim sanctuary in a church. Darren examines the origins of the belief that "blue is for boys and pink is for girls".

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Darren explores the history of slavery, and it's surprising prevalence in today's world. Jon digs into the topic of Hollow Earth Theory. Adam looks into whether or not you can fail a drug test by eating a poppy seed bagel.

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Adam responds to a listener that wanted to know what sort of pain animals can experience. Darren talks about efficiencies, of the energy kind. Elan debunks the myth that Tim Hortons spikes their coffee with addictive chemical.

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Adam explores the world of modern geocentrism. Elan reads from a Sky Mall catalogue, again. Darren examines that claims behind

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