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The guys at TRC Productions bring a different format for episode 273 and deliver a jammed packed episode! Darren starts things off with 3 short updates on Krokodil, his thoughts on an article about Effective Altruism and a recent tragedy involving homeopathy. Pat then recounts a recent story about some skeptical activism related to aspartame that he was involved in. Next, Elan examines whether American football teams are maximizing their chances to win when they punt on 4th down. Adam finishes off the show buy answering the question of whether or not your friends have more friends than you do.

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Right on schedule, we present to you episode 272 of The Reality Check. We provide a brief overview of Rob Ford and why he is still in office. Then, Adam starts off the first main segment of the show with a look into if our ancestors slept twice per night, and if that's a healthier sleeping habit that should be adopted. Darren then goes over a bunch of flu vaccine myths (hint: get the flu shot). Elan closes things out with the myth of the week: Did George Washington have wooden teeth? All of this plus your regular dose of rants and jokes. Enjoy!

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It's the end of the week and that means it's time for another dynamic episode of The Reality Check. This week is a doozy featuring three fun segments. First, Elan looks into the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome epidemic of the 90's and whether or not computer use is in fact a cause of the ailment. Next, Pat leads a game of Name That, with all of the questions being number-based. Darren closes out the show by ranting about another thing that's bugging him on Facebook.

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It's episode 270 of The Reality Check and the gang is back with another solid dose of skepticism. Darren starts things off with an interesting look into the Effective Altruism movement and how one can be most effective when trying to do good. Adam then presents a segment on whether or not you should drink while eating. Elan closes out the show by answering if the coloured square on the bottom of a toothpaste tube indicates the composition of the toothpaste.

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An experiment with extra content.   Darren's appearance on the Ron Corbett show "Unscripted" on Halloween.   Let us know what you think!

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If you like well produced and thought provoking podcasts, then episode 269 of The Reality Check is the show for you! Pat leads things off with a fascinating interview with Stephan Guyenet where they discuss Gary Taubes' model of good vs. bad calories and how the evidence for it stacks up compared to the calories in / calories out model. Elan then hosts a fun game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, with all questions of a monetary theme. Adam closes things out by answering the question of whether or not 50 Shades of Grey is Twilight Fan Fiction.

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