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Hold on to your spectacles folks as it's time for another dose of the skepticism with episode 229 of The Reality Check. Elan leads off the show with some stories about how the cobra effect has bitten a number of people who tried to assign simple solutions to complex problems. We then bring you our final interview from Eschaton 2012, this time with Dr. Christopher diCarlo. Darren rounds out the show with a discussion of the dangers (or lack thereof?) of radon.

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Has it been a week already? The Reality Check gang (minus Pat) is at it again with another episode of their award winning (one day?) podcast. Darren McKee starts off the show with a look at the mind projection fallacy, or, do anchovies taste bad. Next comes yet another great interview from Eschaton 2012, this time with Ian Cromwell. Adam closes the show by answering the question of whether or not rabbits really do eat carrots.

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Episode 227 of The Reality Check is all over the map with segment topics ranging from cutting edge science to celebrity gossip. Guest panelist Dallas Card starts off the show with a discussion about fMRI and vegetative states. Adam then challenges Elan’s previous segment on High Heels by presenting a dubious segment of his own on the topic. Elan closes out the show with a look at whether Sally Field was as needy in 1984 as many thought.

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The Reality Check gang comes out the gate guns blazing with the first episode of 2013. Darren McKee leads things off with an exploration into whether guns kill more people than doctors do. Next is an interview with bioethicist Udo Schuklenk that was recorded at Eschaton 2012. Pat Roach closes out the show by looking into whether hydrogen peroxide is actually useful for healing wounds.

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