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Episode 264 has arrived.   First, Elan turns a critical eye to the documentary film "Super Size Me".  Next Pat interviews Jamie Williams of Bad Science Watch about a recent activism win for the skeptic community, and lastly Darren asks if Superman coins from the mint are legal tender and could Superman really catch Lois falling from a building? 

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Episode 263 of The Reality Check has arrived. The show starts up with Darren looking into a recent UN report about intimate partner violence. Elan then discusses the (urban?) legend of the arcade game Polybius. Adam closes out the show by answering whether or not General Tso invented his chicken dish namesake.

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Episode 262 of the Reality Check is quite the humdinger. Adam starts off the show by revisiting the effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and looking into whether it has caused some fruits to mutate into monster fruits. Next Darren looks into whether stress causes one's hair to go gray. Pat closes out the show by answering the age old question of whether it's true that Almond Joy's got nuts and Mounds don't.

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Cristina fills in for a vacationing Elan to tell us all about common pregnancy myths.   Pat interviews Dr. Paul McAndrews and corresponds with a couple of other dermatologists to get to the bottom of a listener request about whether exercising causes hair loss.   Lastly, Adam answers the question: did women really burn their bras in the 60's?

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