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Cristina takes over TRC Studios to DJ another magnificent Mashup episode. This week the running theme is “Women”. Enjoy!

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Welcome TRC Family to another jam-packed episode! Adam kicks off the show this week by looking into the brouhaha over whether Caitlyn Jenner really beat out Noah Galloway to win an ESPN Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Our guest panelist statistician Alex Demarsh introduces us to Bayesian Statistics demonstrating that some of us would have enjoyed stats way more in high school if he was at the chalkboard. Finally, Cristina unearths the dung in Biodynamic Farming. Special shout out to TRC’er David for sending in such a great parody suggestion + lyrics for “How Deep Is Your Woo” that even Baritone Pat couldn’t resist!

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The whole gang is back to deliver another fun-filled show! Cristina rings in with a segment about Perfect Pitch and a recent study that looks at whether the ability can be learned by adults. Pat challenges the panel’s knowledge of Weather & Climate with an informative game of Name That.  Last but not least, Darren breaks down the timeline surrounding the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

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With Pat & Cristina away, guest host Dr. Michael Thompson steps in to join the crew! Adam gives us a whiff of aromatherapy, specifically multi-level marketing company doTerra Essential Oils. Michael offers some historical context around the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Finally, Darren touches upon phototropism and whether sunflowers follow the sun.

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